Indtresor Pure Copper Water Bottle - Handcrafted - Ayurveda health benefits - Large 35 oz - Leak proof - Easy to carry for Sports, Fitness, Yoga, School - Black Base Floral Textured Colorful Enamel

  • HELP THE ENVIRONMENT - Ditch that plastic bottle - Drink from your Indtresor bottle throughout the day to support a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Plastic bottles are terrible for the environment and also your health. These bottles are made sustainably by artisans using low carbon footprint techniques.
  • FANTASTIC HEALTH BENEFITS: Drinking from copper vessels has been a part of traditional Indian ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Copper boosts immunity and helps prevent many diseases. It improves cardiovascular health, aids digestion, and slows aging..DITCH THE SUGAR: Carrying this delicious Copper water with you will stop you reaching for sweet drinks - Sugar is associated with so many terrible dieases.
  • PERFECT STYLE AND QUALITY : An Easy to use leak proof bottle. Carry confidently to the Gym, Yoga Class, Work and School, even upside down! For that extra style statement, chose a gorgeously enamelled or etched pattern. The inside of the patterned styles are also pure copper - we care about your health. Easy to clean.
  • PERFECT GIFT OF CARE : It’s a lovely gift to give a loved one (adult or child). Show that you care about their health and wellness. SPECIFICATIONS: Bottle Length 10.25 Inches. Bottle Width 2.65 Inches. Capacity 35 OZ 1000 ml.
  • Indtresor is Amazon Seller since many years and has excellent reviews. Our Handmade products are made by Indian artisans using traditional sustainable and environment friendly techniques. Our quality and design is superlative. The prodcuts are however 100% Returnable, no questions asked.
  • $29.99