Touchstone Gorgeous Wrapping Bags Reusable Environment Friendly Large Drawstring Paisley Brocade Holiday Packing Set Pack of 9 TSPO-003-04XMAS

  • Give a Gift to the Environment : Feel good about gifting this holiday season by wrapping presents in reusable fabric gift bags from Touchstone
  • Each bag measures 6" x 4" Inches. Drawstring closure.
  • Contains 9 Gift bags in 9 different gorgeous jewel like colours with a woven classic paisley motif in festive gold. Makes the gift look really Royal and special. Gorgeous under a Christmas tree.
  • Saves so much time while wrapping. Perfect for odd shaped gifts and collections of small items. Great for a christmas collection of goodies.
  • Reusable and environment friendly. Can be used later as a dressy purse, for storing things or reused for packing a present.
  • $19.99